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  • Excellent staff the founds was fast and on time,I can’t complain it was very successful on everything thank you all.

    Boris Hunt(July 1st, 2020)

  • Rebel Capital showed up at just the right time. The application process was smooth and straightforward. They've lived up to their agreements so far. I'd recommend them.

    Karen Carn(April 23rd, 2019)

  • Great to do business with these people, I was working with Shanir, very professional, he got me money for my payroll when my cash flow got low he worked very fast so I could get funding to make payroll. I can’t believe someone would write a bad review, I highly recommend these guys Shawn and Mike are the best !!!

    Maritas Neyr(April 7th, 2019)

  • Our company has never been in need of funding. However we grew so fast that we found ourselves turning down great opportunities due to customer terms of 90 and 120 days net before payment.We finally decided to see if we could get a loan to help us cover the time between job completion and payment. The first company to respond was Rebel Capital. I was contacted by Shamyr. The only thing I can say is wow!! Well WOW!! We got the funding we needed in a day. I have never worked with anyone more helpful, kind and considerate than Shamyr. I wish I could hire her for our company. I would highly recommend Rebel Capital and Shamyr if you need small business funding.

    Charles Caren(February 7th, 2020)

  • I needed help with cash flow for my business and Rebel Capital was ready to help. The Representative Chamir was very friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. He kept in contact with me through the whole process answering questions and updating me on the progress of the loan. I will definitely recommend them to family and friends.

    Jayson Gutemberg(March 10th 2020)

  • Excellent Service!!,

    I received excellent service by Michael Hays. He was really helpful, super efficient, and I was extremely pleased with the service. I would highly recommend Rebel Capital to anyone looking for business funding especially if you get the chance to work with Michael.

    Sebastian Vant(December 2019)

  • I filled out an application with many financial providers - PayPal, Kabbage, Intuit. The process was a little bit longer. They didn't get back to me soon enough, Rebel Capital. I was like, let me try it for my second business as well. I got both loans through Rebel Capital Loans. I received a PPP loan. Initially, because Rebel Capital was the first one that I filled out the application with because I got the email from CenterState Bank, I really didn't know a lot. Because like many other people, we had no idea how this all works. This was pretty new to all the business owners.

    Shawn Mancell(May 19, 2020)

  • The small loan company that I was going through for my high-interest rate loan told me about Rebel Capital. They then did debt consolidation and the equipment upgrade for me. The process was very simple and the lady rep I dealt with was excellent. Uploading the required documents was nothing very difficult. The rep sent me samples of balance sheets and tutorial paperwork, and then a blank paperwork to get filled out to do the work. I, however, wasn't very educated on it and at the end, where I continued to use credit card to pay bills, it dropped my credit score. So, the first round was not too good, but after she taught me everything I needed to do, the second round went straight through.

    Kevin Ronald(February 29th .2020)

  • I reached out to Rebel Capital for my business. I got to the people that when I had questions, I reached out, and they were answered. To file for it, I reached out to my local branch and then they got the application sent over to me, filled that out, and then I reached out to them. I ran into an upload issue. But it was heaven-sent when the young lady gave me her direct email to get the information to her. I was trying for a few days and they said they still were not getting the documents. Rebel Capital kept my doors open. I would have shut down if I wasn’t granted that loan. I called back today to see if there was anything on a part two because they were saying on the internet that you could get another if you were still struggling. When I called, they said I couldn’t apply again. Overall, it’s been awesome, helpful, and a blessing. I’m very grateful that they are out there to help people like me or small businesses.

    Doris Prescott(June 25th 2020)

  • Rebel Capital was the first that responded to my inquiry. The streamlined approach of uploading everything worked out well. Once they got everything they needed, it didn’t take long. Then funding was pretty shortly thereafter. I got an SBA loan. Our interaction with the reps was mainly over email. But when we needed to discuss something, a phone call works. And they were professional and courteous. They gave us the working capital we needed to get through a rough time.
    If you’re looking for a loan, give them a shot.

    Angela Ricketts(March 23rd 2020)

  • I got an SBA loan through Rebel Capital I got on with their rep, Xhamir who was nice and things started clicking. He was great to work with and was relatively attentive. He has a busy schedule and we didn't connect as much as I would've liked via phone, but he was always available via email. I'd recommend Rebel Capital. Through them, we are able to consolidate some debt and purchase additional equipment that has catapulted us to the next level of business... Thanks

    Vanessa Olguin(Dec 2019)

  • We were looking for operating capital at a rate that was cheaper than credit cards or PayPal, where we were borrowing money from. I was on the internet searching around for various things, reading articles and I came across Rebel Capital. I submitted an inquiry and they got back to me pretty quickly. We talked and they explained how they shepherd through the SBA loans which are often a lot of legwork. We had never applied for one, so we decided to engage them to see if they could help us get one.
    They were very attentive and kept track of where we were. They also seemed to know some of the tricks of the trade to be able to expedite the loan more quickly by giving us advice on the kinds of things that would help on our application. We got a $100,000 loan for operating capital, which makes it easier for us to do business. SmartBiz Loans was worth investigating because for us, they did a good job. They were very efficient and helped us achieve the goals we had set. I found working with them to be very good, so I would certainly recommend them to other people.

    Thomas Brinsey(November 2019)


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